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Two Worlds, One Meal

March 09, 2021 Theatr Iolo
Theatr Iolo
Two Worlds, One Meal
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In summer 2020, Theatr Iolo ran a competition for children and young people between the ages of 7 and 16 to write an original ten-minute play. The competition was launched at a time when most children and young people were learning from home due to COVID-19 and provided a creative activity for children and young people whilst theatres were closed.

We received entries from many young people and enjoyed reading every single one of them! It was a difficult decision, but we are delighted to announce that the winning plays are The Wakey-Wake-Amatic by Esme (age 10), Home from War by Lauren (age 14), Two Worlds, One Meal by Faaris (age 13) and Cer i Ffwrdd by Rhiana (age 15).

The plays were originally set to be performed at the Sherman Theatre but, as theatres around the country remain closed, the four winning scripts have been recorded as audio plays that can be listened to at home or in schools on the Theatr Iolo podcast channel.

Yn haf 2020, cynhaliodd Theatr Iolo gystadleuaeth i blant a phobl ifanc rhwng 7 ac 16 oed ysgrifennu drama ddeng munud wreiddiol. Lansiwyd y gystadleuaeth ar adeg pan oedd y rhan fwyaf o blant a phobl ifanc yn dysgu gartref oherwydd COVID-19 ac yn darparu gweithgaredd creadigol i blant a phobl ifanc tra bod theatrau ar gau.

Cawsom gynigion gan lawer o bobl ifanc a mwynhau darllen pob un ohonynt! Roedd yn benderfyniad anodd, ond rydym yn falch iawn o gyhoeddi mai'r dramâu buddugol yw The Wakey-Wake-Amatic gan Esme (10 oed), Home from War gan Lauren (14 oed), Two Worlds, One Meal gan Faaris (13 oed) ) a Cer i Ffwrdd gan Rhiana (15 oed).

Yn wreiddiol, gosodwyd y dramâu i gael eu perfformio yn Theatr y Sherman ond, wrth i theatrau ledled y wlad aros ar gau, mae’r pedair sgript fuddugol wedi’u recordio fel dramâu sain y gellir gwrando arnynt gartref neu mewn ysgolion ar sianel podlediad Theatr Iolo.



Poor actress and poor actor are having a conversation about food insecurity after the pandemic. 

They are of middle-class background. 


It is my intent that the play follows the lives of two people who both play poor and rich actors post pandemic. 


It should show that due to soaring food prices the rich are the only ones that can afford it and the poor struggle to buy food. 


The "rich actors" and the "poor actors" will be portrayed by the same people for depth and meaning.



POOR ACTOR                          "So you didn't go through with it... Why?"


Poor actor has anger in his eyes and poor actress looks distressed.


POOR ACTRESS                       "If it was you then you wouldn't have done it either."


POOR ACTRESS (cont'd)          "They had a little baby! What could've I done? Huh Huh."


POOR ACTOR                          "I'll tell you what you could've done. You could've just listened to me and gone through with it."


He is fuming and very annoyed.


POOR ACTRESS                       "You're just a psycho. There is something wrong up there."


POOR ACTOR                          "There's nothing psychotic about trying to survive!"


He waits for a second face in dirty palms and asks again


POOR ACTOR                          "So I'll ask again... Why didn't you do it."


Action cuts to another family of rich kids. Same actors






The rich actor and actress are at a very nice dining table and are drinking milk and speaking. 


The housekeeper/ babysitter is asleep in another room and does not appear in the play.


RICH ACTOR                            "Mother and father are in Paris. Selfish losers, we don't need them."


He says this tear eyed


RICH ACTRESS                         "Don't talk about mum and dad like that. I'm sure they're thinking of us."


RICH ACTOR                            "Anyway, are you in the mood for spaghetti, salmon, caviar with sourdough or a fancy takeaway?"


He is saying this without a care in the world.


RICH ACTRESS                         "A takeaway I guess. You know don't you ever wonder what people less fortunate than us have to deal with? You know, food prices have soared since the pandemic."


She says this quite inquisitively.


RICH ACTOR                            "They can deal with their own problems. You just enjoy your own life okay."


Rich actress isn't so impressed with her brother's comments and sits quietly with her milk.







An item hits the ground and makes a noise. It alerts rich actor, and he checks. 


He quickly dismisses the noise with a bird.






Poor actress is sitting on a mattress and eating tinned beans.


POOR ACTOR                          "Why are you so soft? What is it that makes you want to be nice to the people who don't share or think about people like us?....While you and I are sitting here eating old and cold tinned beans, they are sitting on their golden throne eating God knows what by the bucket."


He is frustrated that his sister doesn't see his thinking like he does.


POOR ACTRESS                       "Look you're not the only one who thinks that you know. Every day I wish mum and dad were still here alive with us.


POOR ACTRESS (cont'd)          You wallow around in self-pity about them..But spoiler alert they're gone, and the virus isn't bringing them back just like it took them."


Poor actor' reaction is instantly softer, and he looks sad. But all of a sudden anger appears in his eyes again.


POOR ACTOR                          "I know! I remember Mum and Dad missing their meals to feed us their portions instead."


He pauses for a second and poor actress' face turns to agreement.


POOR ACTOR                          "Mum worked so many jobs, just to give us a home and some food, and Dad nearly broke his spine in that construction job. After all that, he missed one day of work for my thirteenth and got fired by the selfish owner who had a lovely warm house to go back to!"


Poor actress is in full support but looks a bit off.


POOR ACTRESS                       "Bro I'm not feeling so well."


Poor actor is so much in his stride that he doesn't hear/ notice her


POOR ACTOR                          "We're gonna walk down to that rich spoilt house and get some actual food. Right sis?"


He is smiling but then looks at poor actress and asks..


POOR ACTOR                          "Sis?"


Poor actress turns away and vomits. 


She holds her tummy in pain.


POOR ACTRESS                       "I'm sorry."


She is very sad and looks in her brother's eyes for forgiveness. He doesn't need to forgive her for anything though. 


She is his sister and he'll always put that before everything.




The rich actor and actress are sitting down, playing chess. They have a conversation about their parents.


RICH ACTOR                            "How much did father leave us for allowance?"


Rich actress checks her money bag and counts.


RICH ACTRESS                         "About £60" 


Rich actor is very upset.


RICH ACTOR                            "How am I meant to buy my new VR set with that? Arghhh I hate Dad, I wish he could actually look after us!"


Rich actor is in a mood and rich actress is still holding the baby.


RICH ACTRESS                         "This one looks sleepy I'm going to put her to bed and find the babysitter, okay."


Rich actor is angry and still doesn't care.


RICH ACTOR                            "Yeah yeah do what you like. I don't care."


He checks his phone and realises a storm is coming.


RICH ACTOR                            "Also by the way a storm is coming. Did mother leave the Marrods afternoon tea package?"


RICH ACTRESS                         "No I don't think she did. We can get another takeaway. Right?


She says this in a sad tone trying to be positive.




Poor actor is starting to worry about his sister who is ill. He needs a plan.


POOR ACTOR                          "I'm going to look for some supplies. Stay here."


Poor actress is looking at a photo of the two of them together and sees something hiding under a box. 


She starts to investigate and finds an old radio. 


She starts to listen, and a weather report comes up.


WEATHER REPORT                  "A huge storm is incoming, and it is highly advised to stay inside for your safety. DO NOT VENTURE OUT ALONE!"


Poor actress hears this and looks up in panic. 


The scene cuts to poor actor walking on a stretch of grassland speaking to himself. The sky is turning to a stormy colour.


POOR ACTOR                          "Stupid old, tinned beans with it's stupid diseases.....Why does the universe only punish the weak."


He is having a two way conversation with himself.


POOR ACTOR (cont'd)             ‘What are you talking about, you're not weak. You're a warrior.


The transition is a fade transition, it shows how far he has to walk.


POOR ACTOR (cont'd)             "Only a couple hundred metres to go. Come on."


The wind starts gushing. It becomes darker and the rain starts pouring.


POOR ACTOR (cont'd)             "Oh No! No No NO No NO!"


He starts running fast towards the rich house. 


The wind gushes him back in the rain, but he carries on. He manages to get to the handle.







This is the penultimate scene of the film. It is when poor actor attempts to steal some food and medicine from the rich house. 


The lights are dark, and he finds his way to the kitchen. 


Slowly dramatic music builds suspense as he feels his way to the fridge. He then finds it and opens it. 


He uses a torch he found to take the food. As he turns, rich actress stands there holding a bat. She smacks him down.


RICH ACTRESS                         Look I don't know who you are, but the police are on their way! What do you want?


POOR ACTOR                          "I just need some supplies! Please! My sister is really sick and hungry."


RICH ACTRESS                         "Don't you have parents who can help you?"


POOR ACTOR                          "They died."


Rich actress is in a sombre mood when she hears this and starts to think about all the times her parents left her and her brother for long periods to go on holiday.  


RICH ACTRESS                         "I think I can relate to that."


POOR ACTOR                          "So can I have the stuff? Please."


RICH ACTRESS                         "Yeah sure. Take what you need, avoid my brother and….. I'll                                             handle the police."


Rich actress looks compassionate and gives him what he needs.


When he arrives home, his sister is on the floor very sick and barely alive.